RAPID RECOVERY: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing Techniques.
Author - Stephen P. King.
It only took eight years in the making, but I have finally completed my book on a variety of rapid recovery, pain management and healing techniques that I use in my counselling practice and with athletes. Many workshop attendees had asked that I put these techniques in an easy-to-follow format, with an explanation as to why certain things work the way they do. I believe I have now achieved that goal. These methods are helpful for maximising mind/body maintenance by clearing fears, phobias, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, traumas and all forms of self-sabotage. They can also be used to install positive templates and optimise all aspects of our lives and open us to the fullness of life`s possibilities. Chapter 11 has some very specific sports-oriented techniques geared toward honing skills, potential, performance and experience. (Contents - see below)
Your book is a work of art. I thought I was going to write the manual on energy work for addiction treatment but you have had the spirit and consciousness to actually complete the task. Les Moncrieff  - TCM practitioner – daytox program, Vancouver.

since cost is low and potential payoff is high – in reduced fear and improved functioning – this book could be a very worthwhile investment. Many Voices magazine.

It is a worthy addition to any practitioner`s “toolkit” and an excellent resource. … find out for yourself how these methods may provide essential healing. They are non-invasive, easier to learn than they might appear at first, and positive results have been well documented. Christina Ince - Counsellor and book reviewer for Issues magazine.

I`ve considered myself a practitioner of wellness and what struck me most powerfully was that so much of what I read in your book was new and meaningful. You`ve condensed a lifetime of thinking into one book and I`ll have to keep returning to it to absorb some of the information and thought patterns. Dr. Martin Collis - CEO of Speakwell and coach to Olympic swimmers.

King`s book inspired me as a therapist to continue to learn about healing, to expand my horizons and to dare trying new strategies with my clients. Book review – Insights magazine.

Your use of a number of techniques that can be used is excellent and very helpful to all. Rapid Recovery will be a great asset and learning tool for both the professional and layman. Dr. James V. Durlacher – author of  `Freedom From Fear Forever`.


Chapter  1  What is Healing?
Chapter  2  The Callahan Technique: Thought Field Therapy.
Chapter  3  Applied Kinesiology.
Chapter  4  The Scope of Usefulness.
Chapter  5  The Body Electromagnetic.
Chapter  6  The Body Chemical.
Chapter  7  The Body Light, Sight, Sound & Senses.
Chapter  8  Why the Need for Tuning In?
Chapter  9  Tapping Points & Roles.
Chapter 10 The Gamut Treatments.
Chapter 11 Reversals, Neurological Disorganization & Correction.
Chapter 12 Complementary AIP`s: TAT & EFT.
Chapter 13 Further Therapeutic Tools.
Chapter 14 Insights & Applications.
Internet Resources.
Bibliography & References.

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