Steve's Website Choices

Steve`s relief and joy at the Death Valley 135 mile finish line

I asked for strength and I was given difficulties to make me strong,
I asked for wisdom and I got problems to solve,
I asked for prosperity and I got brain and brawn to work,
I asked for courage and I had danger to overcome,
I asked for love and was given troubled people to help,
I asked for favours and was given opportunities,
I received nothing I wanted but received everything I needed.
 1.  The Mapp  Ideal for masters interested in physiology
 2.  Road Runners Club of America  Say no more!
 3.  Competitor Magazine  Great links and the great Bob Babbitt
 4.  Joe Henderson`s Running Commentary  Runner, writer, raconteur - worthwhile -          Canadian content 
 5.  Athletics Weekly  On the ball and the best of the British 
 6.  Do It Sports  Interesting and includes world marathon guide
 7.  RaceCenter Northwest  Info for a little closer to home
 8.  Running with Dr. George Sheehan  Life and running, words of a very wise man
 9.  Running Related Links  Lots of good links 
10. On The Run  Good one for race directors and runners
11. Hal Higdon`s Running site  at 50,000 plus hits a week - must be good!
12. British Athletics  a look at how the `old country` is doing!
13. Marc Roy`s Sportstats  Great results page - including IMC
14. Athletics Canada  All the major results from around Canada
15. Inside Triathlon  Top stories from inside the TRI world
16. U.S. Track & Field News  T. & F. bible since 1948. Races and rankings.
17. Canadian Marathon Stories  1st person marathon stories + runnning books
18. Human Kinetics  Publish great sports books, inc. Rich Benyo`s.
19. Run the Planet  A potpourri of global running info.
20. Marathoning in Canada  New website with lots of potential
21. Cool Running  Attempting to live up to its name
22. Runners` World  The North American running zine/scene
23. Running Network  U.S. based but lots of Pacific N.W. info.
24. International Amateur Athletics Federation  The world track & field homepage
25.  Event info and on-line registration
26. Run in the Sun Tours  Mike Creery (Canadian Olympian/coach) 
27. Running Fast & Injury Free  Gordon Pirie`s book FREE on the internet
28. Cansport  Free subscription to Cdn 
29. Ultramarathon Handbook
 Great site to ultra info
30. Xtri  Rob Doherty`s brilliant triathlon website
31. Eventsonline  Marc Roy/John Litherland`s Race Dr.`s site
32. Trailpeak  Seek out those B.C. trails for running/hiking 
33. USATF Running Routes  Zoom in and map out your local running routes
34. Pez Cycling News  Excellent reports on the cycling world 
35. HowardGrubb  Calculate your own age-graded performances
36. Logan's Run  An truly inspirational ultra runner
37. Real Endurance
 Ultraman Gary Wang's stats site
38. GeezerJock
 All round sports mag and website for masters
39. Daily Triathlon
 Literally what it says - daily updates on the Tri scene
40. Chasing Glory
 Web videos on U.S. Olympic Marathon hopefuls
41. Ironman forum
 Worldwide social network forum for Ironman Triathletes
42. TRY events
 a FREE Mileage calculator and World pedometer
43. Dan Cumming's RITZ blog
RITZ co-editor Dan Cumming blog for the seasoned athlete
44. Run Programs Run programs that are also designed to help one lose weight.
45. Treadmill to 5kms Yosemite Park volunteer Rachel promoting running in the Park.
46. Run Repeat Good site to explore the differences and selection in running shoes.
47. Let's Do This Sports marketplace that offers race listings - for runners and organisers
48. Senior Pizzazz A guide for Seniors and well-being