The techniques detailed in my book ‘Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing’ can also provide some side benefits to the counsellor or therapist. I had not even thought of doing any conscious work on the Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) that had dogged me for years, but it appears that it has just fizzled away, and I was not even really aware of this until a client brought up their own difficulty with S.A.D.. As I reflected on this personal shift, I realized I constantly do energy work, whether my own daily routine or demonstrating for clients, and that I was now so comfortable with the winter that it was hard for me to remember how bad it had been at times.
For the benefit of those who have difficulty with S.A.D. or ‘cabin fever’, I would recommend the use of the following apparatus, supplements, techniques and tinctures;

            Suggestions would include;
            Gentian - for discouragement and despondency for known reasons.
            Gorse – for hopelessness and pessimism.
            Mustard – for depression that appears for no apparent reason.
            Walnut – for periods of change and adjustment.
            Rescue Remedy - a calming composite remedy.