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                                                  Although he’s very down to earth - he’s fully earned himself a berth.                                                               
                                                Only fitting for the final shuttle crew - that it be manned by our man Drew.

                                         Into the air that’s rarified and thin – will lift Alvin to heights that few have ever been.


The race to space and space to race is exemplified by those who fly and also tri -

marathons and multi-sport - such differing highs for those who dare to ride the skies.


                                          * Chorus      We’ll follow the final Shuttle named the 133 (One Thirty Three)

As parents, family, friends I’m sure would all agree

As Patricia and the Tribe will lovingly describe

The rock and roll and ride of the crew that flew with pride.


Their histories are listed in Wikipedia – Gagarin would ask – What’s cyber media?

Russia’s Star City lives up to its hype, as distance means little now we have Skype.

Born a Scorpio in ’62 – to Muriel and Benjamin was Benjamin #2,
a DC boy with a big, wide smile – focus on the countdown keep – as miles to go before they sleep.

Cause, Comfort, Shield and Storm - all names for action seen and geographic theatres he has been.

Stars and Oak Leaf Clusters for service, merit and achievement may adorn your chest
- for bravery, brawn and brains attest.


* Chorus


This is ground control to Colonel Drew – why don’t you introduce the crew
  Commander Lindsey, Pilot Boe – specialists Kopra, Barratt, Stott and Co
 the NASA team completes the dream.


* Chorus


It’s simply astronomical.

It’s simply aeronautical.

It’s simply astronautical.

It’s simply Alvin Drew.

Good luck from the Drew crew.

                                                           Keep your dreams in view, for one day maybe you’ll B. Alvin too.

(Music arranged, produced, played, engineered and chorus sung by Bill Head, drums by Justin Head and lyrics and narration by Steve King – 2010)