Let us know who are you dedicating this race to and why.
Everyone has a story and we`d like to have some of the human interest 
stories acknowledged and available for others to be inspired by.

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with the subject 'Race Dedications'

I would like to submit a small dedication for Sunday's Marathon
My running buddy, Toni Baskett,  and I live on Bowen Island and a fellow fitness buff and her husband had an horrendous car accident on the Coquhalla between Christmas and New Years and was very badly hurt - so much so that everyone feared she would not make it.  The vehicle was totalled. Her husband was also injured but not as bad as she was. Ross and their two great kids were worried.  She pulled through thankfully!  She had broken legs, broken pelvis, ribs, internal injuries - you name it she experienced it.  The sad part of all this is she landed up losing part of her foot - from her arch forward.  Well, while in recouperation at Lions Gate Hospital and learning to walk with crutches, etc at GF Strong,  it was decided that there were very minimal prosthetics applicable to her injury that would do her any good so last week, she had to have her whole lower leg amputated below the knee.

We will be wearing our red and white hats for Catherine Patterson and are running the race for her!!

Thank you

Ms Dale Gagne and Toni Baskett
Bowen Island

I am run/walking the half marathon (just had my third baby) this weekend in
Vancouver with Cheryl's best friend Melanie, and two other wonderful women.
I am so inspired by who and what Cheryl was, and by all those who cared for
and about her.  I hope that you know her story and will be able to pay some
sort of tribute to her....she was dedicated to running and to encouraging will be a hard day for her friends and family, but I am so glad
that they have this run to do as an outlet for their pain!
Kara Hoffman
Vernon, BC